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Yunik Watches:
Swiss precision,
Mediterranean spirit.
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Brand Restyling, Style guidelines, Campaign

Yunik is a watch brand with a modern ethos, in tune with today's generations. Founded in 1974 in the Jura region, the birthplace of Swiss watchmaking, it wasn't until 2017 when the company decided to "shake up fashion conventions" and revive Murano glass for watch making.

The aim of the brand is to be as close to its customers as possible. Through trend studies and extremely varied design options, they are able to express the personality of every individual — an inimitable watch, like you. Each Yunik watch is just as unique as the person wearing it.

Project commisioned by Enigma agency and developed at Artofmany.

Art Direction
Graphic Design
Brand Restyling
Style guidelines

Social media

Social media
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