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de l'Aigua:
all about water
Campaign, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration

Barcelona City Council champions the view that water is a human right, an essential service and a communal asset. Recovering the historical memory of water means highlighting its heritage and the evolution of its supply, purification and entire cycle over the centuries in Barcelona.

It is in this context of giving water the space and visibility it deserves that Barcelona City Council organized Memorial de l’Aigua 2018-2019, a programme all about water, run in collaboration with various organisations and facilities, which offered a range of activities focusing on water as a scarce, universal and public asset that everyone needs to appreciate, maintain and conserve.

The aim of the campaign was to create an attractive language and many different communication elements to support the activities.

Project commisioned by Barcelona City Council and developed at Artofmany.

Art Direction
Graphic Design

Activities leaflet

Activities leaflet
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