Marina Soto is a Graphic Designer based in Barcelona, currently working at Artofmany. She has worked for the Government of Catalonia1,2, Roca1,2, Ajuntament de Barcelona1,2,3, or a famous catalan singer Nuria Feliu1,2. She also designs exhibitions1,2, identities 1,2,3, campaigns1,2,3, books1,2,3, menus1,2,3, or websites1,2.

Some of those projects have been awarded with Laus Awards (Golden and Grand Laus 2015, Silver 2014 & 2016) and published in diverse media platforms. She has teached at Elisava, Universitat de Barcelona, Seeway, and currently at LCI. If there's time, she keeps busy with some code*.

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Badajoz, 127
Barcelona 08018
+34 00 666 884 824